I love my home here in Argyll, and one of my favourite things is its coastline, rocky inlets, turquoise seas (ok sometimes grey seas ) but sometimes it’s nice to go inland and enjoy a different type of landscape. That’s what we did this weekend, sneaking away to one of Perthshire’s Big Tree areas.

We’ve had unusually dry and calm weather* so the trees are putting on a great show. First we headed to the lovely town of Aberfeldy, with its shops, cafes, riverside walk and lovely ArtDeco cinema.


We had lunch at the dog friendly Habitat cafe, DogS was given a nice big bowl of water but I preferred one of their excellent coffees. And maybe a little something solid…


Then it was time to stretch our legs properly so we took a walk around the Birks of Aberfeldy and up to the falls of Moness. We had to keep a tight hold onto DogS as she’d have loved to jump in!



Our home for the night was the gorgeous Fortingall Hotel which could be the Mary Poppins of the hotel world**. A beautiful  Arts and Crafts building outside, warm and welcoming inside, with calm, comfortable rooms, cosy lounges and a lively bar. Dogs are very welcome and we were delighted with the table set for us in the lounge,  so that DogS could stay with us over dinner.

I think this is a style to which she could become accustomed ….


Next day the weather changed, the low cloud and mist shrouding the hills turned into heavy rain. We still enjoyed a drive around Loch Rannoch, a quick visit to another dog friendly cafe and a very wet walk around Pitlochry.



But if it didn’t rain the countryside wouldn’t be so beautiful, and we were toasty and dry inside our waterproofs.


Back home for now with the stove lit.


Until next time.


Marina x

Useful links:

Aberfeldy tourism website

Fortingall Hotel

Dugs’n’Pubs excellent info. for dog owners


*not any longer

**practically, perfect in every way (I might be paraphrasing slightly)


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