Today it’s wet and windy so I’m hunkered down at home,  wrapped up in warm woolies with DogS curled up on her bed nearby.


Yesterday was completely different, it was one those gorgeous, crisp Autumn days.

We travelled south for a family visit and on the way stopped off to stretch our legs. A friend had recommended parking at Firkin Point beside Loch Lomond.

The path goes along the route of the old A82, in places we could see the cats eyes and white lines, in others, more alarmingly,  where the road had collapsed into the water.  The road now runs parallel at a slightly higher level above the loch.

It was a lovely walk, traffic free so DogS could search out the sniffs at her own pace, and the path is good so it didn’t matter that we were wearing our city shoes.


DogS sampled the water too.

We’d had our refreshments earlier at our favourite stop off in Inveraray*


looking hopeful at her namesake cafe

So everyone was happy.  Well almost! If you’re thinking of making a stop be warned, the lavatories are closed until March 2017; we couldn’t wait that long so made a quick visit to Luss, where thankfully the facilities were open**.

And then it was off into the city.

Until next time.

Marina x

*Brambles  of Inveraray, great breakfasts, lunches and baking. Dog friendly.

** 30p charge, there is a change machine.


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