Yes, I love lists. I start the day with great intentions and a list.

Sometimes on the back of an envelope


Sometimes a little more stylishly in one of my notebooks.

pile of books

But the lists themselves often have similar content.  Domestic chores, exercise and often finishing with the exhortation “write”.  And as the day goes on I return to my list and cross items off and feel , oh so virtuous.

Or not.  Because I could procrastinate for Wales,  I would medal in the time wasting Olympics.  There are just so many distractions, updates, message boards,  I can even convince myself tweeting is writing.  And why did MasterStarke encourage me to start watching “House of Cards”?

But today I am feeling a bit smug.  I’ve almost achieved my exercise goals, done the chores, baked some scones  and….well this counts. Doesn’t it?

So  now time to see what Frank and Claire are up to.


Marina x






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