Talking about the things I like. Mostly.


Hello and welcome.

Guess what, I blog about things I like. Though occasionally I manage to sneak in a moan.

Things I like to post about most are travel, food and this little brown dog

very cute B

She’s on Twitter (@southfieldchat, proud member of the #BTPosse), does the odd blog and has been known to hijack my TripAdvisor account. She doesn’t blog for herself so much these days.

I also like MrS, but you won’t see too much of him.


and even less of me


So you will see things like this

Quite a bit of


and the odd


It’s all my own views, words and photos. If I  link to things it’s because I like them, have tried them out, or to give a bit of extra information. Your experience may not be the same as mine.

Hope you like what you find.

Marina x


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