Baby writer at fifty plus


Hello and welcome.

I used to blog about places I’d visited and things I liked. Well the past eighteen months or so have slightly curtailed the former, and the latter was getting a bit too restrictive. I’m just not that  positive. So…

Things I like to post about most are travel, food and this little brown dog

I still like travel (when we can), food (far too much), and the little brown dog. Don’t worry she’s not getting evicted.

very cute B

She’s on Twitter (@southfieldchat, proud member of the #BTPosse), does the odd blog  (almost never these days)

I also like MrS, but you won’t see too much of him. (this all still applies)


and even less of me ( and if you do I won’t have blonde hair).


So you will see things like this


Quite a bit of


but I’m trying to cut down,

and the odd


But also more of my thoughts and writing.

Hope you like what you find.

Marina x

And if I find out how, a new name – ‘Marina Starke writes’.


I started out blogging here.